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Chris Dempsey, website designer + developer


I help small businesses connect with customers, generate leads and drive sales.

I love a challenge and am passionate about the details.

Website Design + Development

I've worked on exciting projects including an eCommerce websitefor an international corporation, with people who dream up luxury dinner party games and I've teamed up with award winning designers to work on jobs for well known brands.

Website Hosting

I provide website hosting solutions and manage the server that delivers the website for a national football stadium, handling massive spikes in traffic near game time with clever cloud hostingtechnology.

If I sound like a good fit for your project I'd love to hear from you.



On all projects a scoping phase identifies requirements, deliverables and measurements of success.


Websites are developed on a staging server where they are tested and refined before being deployed. Use of leading edge cloud tools allows easy collaboration and sharing between team members.


Publishing fresh content, reacting to market forces and staying up to date with customer feedback are important aspects of running a successful website.


I use an awesome suite of modern tools including:

Codeanywhere, Adobe Fireworks, Bootstrap, Google Apps+ Asana.


I am familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, MODX® + OpenCart.

HTML5, CSS3, MODX, OpenCart and jQuery logos

About Me

I hold an honors degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and once rode for the Scottish XC MTB race team (even won some medals). I live in South Ayrshire with a dug called Shug, his new pal Mali, the woman I am long overdue proposing to and now the wee man, James.

Over the years I've spent far too much money on a ridiculously fast carwhich is completely justified because it made the cover of a national magazine. I know where to get the best steak and chips in the world and after much deliberation decided this is the best hotel in Scotland.

German Shepherd Mali at 5 months old
538bhp Mitsubishi GTO tuned by Sitech Racing + photographed by adrianbrannan.com
Mitsubishi GTO cover of Banzai Magazine