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Page speed will soon affect your mobile ranking

Starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

20 Jan 2018 | Time to read: 1 min

90% of websites are strangled by their own images

Users and search engines judge your website in lots of little ways that add up to determine whether your site will be successful.Page speed is one of the most important. And the single biggest factor to influence page speed is one 90% of small businesses are failing to address.Here's how you can pick up an easy page speed win simply by optimising your images.

04 Apr 2017 | Time to read: 13 min

7 steps to fix SSL when it fails on Opencart

23 Mar 2017 | Time to read: 3 min

DMOZ closed - here's how it might affect you

DMOZ has closed so it's now even more important to make sure you can control how your website appears in search result snippets.

15 Mar 2017 | Time to read: 3 min

Browsers now alert users if your site is not secure

Websites that don't have an SSL certificate to provide a secure connection are now flagged as not secure by major browsers including Chrome and Firefox.

01 Mar 2017 | Time to read: 4 min

The double life of Captcha anti-spam tests

Those cryptic letter identification tests to prove you are human do something in the background you might not know about.

16 Jan 2017 | Time to read: 1 min

The perfect blog post in 7 remarkably easy steps

Create awesome posts your audience can't wait to read and share by following these 7 easy steps.

02 Jan 2017 | Time to read: 9 min

Creepy or clever? Lenovo's interesting use of Google Ads

Lenovo get clever with Google Ads but does this creep you out?

30 Nov 2016 | Time to read: 2 min