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Email Account Setup (POP3)

Generic setup information for POP3 email account holders.

A number of types of email account are available. This article relates to POP3 accounts, the default type offered with a Cube hosting package.

You can access POP3 email using the email client of your choice.  Options include Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail and Thunderbird.  The details required to setup your account are the same regardless of which client you use.  Your password will be supplied separately.

Basic information

Note: change yourdomain.co.uk to your actual domain name.

Advanced and troubleshooting information

Note: mail must not be left on server for more than 5 days if you intend to use multiple devices to connect to the mailbox.  If you only use one device to connect to the mailbox do not leave mail on the server.


The mailserver offers a Webmail interface that is similar to (but not as advanced as) Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.  It will show the current mailbox contents and allow you to send mail from your account.

Webmail Login

Webmail can be accessed from: http://webmail.cube.pw/

Note: if you use an email client such as Microsoft Outlook to access your email Webmail will not show your full email history because the mail client removes mail from the server once it has downloaded a copy.