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Email Security - antispam and antivirus protection

If you use the free email service supplied with your website hosting account this is how you adjust the anti-spam and anti-virus settings

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The mailserver automatically deletes mail sent by the most prolific spamers.  For additional checks you need to know these things:

  1. SpamAssassin is not enabled by default, login to your Mailbox Control Panel with your email username and password to set it up
  2. Tell your email software what to do with messages tagged as spam. The recommended option is move to spam folder
  3. Advanced settings allow you to set the filter sensitivity. The higher you set it the more chance it will tag a genuine message

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Your email account is protected against spam and viruses.

First the mailserver carries out some basic checks. Then mail is delivered to your your mailbox where you get full control over what happens next.

Settings can be adjusted for each mailbox through your Mailbox Control Panel.

This is how it works.

On the mailserver

When email arrives at the server the following checks are carried out.


Incoming email is checked against the Spamhaus Zen database. Email from known spammers is rejected.


Incoming mail is scanned for viruses. Infected messages are deleted.

In your mailbox

Once mail is delivered to your mailbox the following options are available.


SpamAssassin can be enabled on your mailbox. It can be set to tag or delete spam.

Tagging spam - the email will be delivered to your inbox and special tags will be added. The tags allow you to control what your email program does next. If you want to see the spam score applied to the message add _SCORE_ to the subject line.

Deleting spam - the email will be deleted by the server and cannot be recovered. If SpamAssassin makes a mistake the email is lost.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the filter and create white and blacklists.

SpamAssassin must be enabled manually because of its ability to delete messages.


Antivirus is enabled by default. You can switch it on or off for your mailbox

Automating spam removal

Once spam email reaches your inbox the tags added by SpamAssassin come into play.

Rules can be created to put tagged emails straight in the Spam folder, delete them or anything else you choose.

Training the spam filter

To improve the accuracy of spam detection you can train the spam filter through webmail or if your email software connects to the mailserver via IMAP simply by moving spam to the Spam folder.

Technical notes