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Inventory Management Web Application

Development of custom inventory management web application.

Environmental & Gas Monitoring Ltd. required a solution to manage the service status of instruments and related items they supply to one of their client's shipping fleets.  The system was intended to be for use by that specific client only however during the scoping phase I recognised an opportunity that would allow EGM to offer all of their clients access to the new system.

The additional work involved to achieve this was minimal, adding around 15% to the cost and the result is is a significantly more powerful business tool.  EGM now use the system to the benefit of existing clients and to stand out from competitors when tendering for new work.

What we did

The system was designed to maintain details of shipping fleets, vessels belonging to each fleet and the instruments held on board. The system tracks the replenishment/replacement date for each item and allows authorised users to generate reports detailing items due for replacement.  EGM can give their clients access to the system allowing them to independently generate status reports for their own vessels.

The use of established frameworks allowed rapid development with the system being taken from concept to delivery in less than three weeks.

Services Provided

Client Comments

EGM approached Cube with an urgent requirement for an online Instrument database that was required for submission along with a tender for new business. The deadline for submission was three weeks from employing Cube to carry out the work.  The project was completed with four days to spare, on budget and with numerous enhancements suggested by Cube.

Jim Wyper, Environmental & Gas Monitoring Ltd.

Environmental & Gas Monitoring Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 approved company specialising in the supply and hire of environmental & gas monitoring products including portable and fixed gas detection complete with calibration gases.