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Website Migration + Hosting Case Study

Migration of high traffic WordPress website to UK Cloud Hosting service.

During April 2013 businessforscotland.co.uk was experiencing rapid growth fuelled by sustained email marketing and social media campaigns.  This led to the website outgrowing it's basic hosting package which the original provider advised could not support anything over 4, 000 visitors per month. Projections indicated the site would attract spikes of up to 6, 000 visitors in a single day and a planned mass email meant a solution had to be found quickly.

What we did

Working in partnership with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp from Business for Scotland a scalable cloud hosting solution was implemented.  The cloud nature of the solution allows additional server resources to be provisioned at short notice to handle any unpredicted spikes in traffic.  The process executed was:

Careful planning and execution ensured there was no downtime during the migration and the cloud nature of the service has proved invaluable in handling traffic spikes of up to 28, 000 visits per day with monthly numbers well in excess of 100, 000 visits.

Services Provided

Client Comments

Business for Scotland was launched in march 2013 with an ambitious target of up to 2,000 unique visitors a day.  Within two weeks we were at 400% of that figure and needs to move servers to ensure our site would stay up with the unexpected demand.  We were already working with Cube and they made the transition to the new server painless and simple to manage.

We recommend Cube and I have already placed other sites with them myself.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Chief Executive, Business for Scotland

Business for Scotland is an independent and political party neutral business and economic policy think tank and network and can be found at www.businessforscotland.co.uk.